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Incredible Edible Mid-Peninsula

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Incredible Mid-Peninsula, CA (centered in Redwood City) is a group of people who share the belief that our community is enriched when all residents have access to good, local fruits and vegetables and are engaged in the process. Our group was inspired by the Incredible Edible Todmorten UK sustainable community gardens and how they invigorated a community ~ from front yard veggie plots to shareable edible gardens in public spaces. We encourage sustainable native drought-tolerant pollinator plants and organic produce which also contribute to a healthier community. We advocate for replacing front lawns with edibles to increase edibles and decrease water demand. We partner with the Redwood City Parks & Rec and CityTrees to dedicate public spaces to grow fruit trees and identify lots to start community gardens for those who don’t have their own plots. Through education and invitation we hope that families, students, young and old will come to consider edible and native gardens as a birthright. We invite you to join our group and become part of this "incredible "movement.
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Whole Foods Community Garden

We planted the summer garden at Whole Foods community garden. The Jefferson bed has tomatoes and the Adams bed has strawberries. The tomatoes have gone wild, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like it. The plants are absolutely humongous. Hopefully there should be tomatoes and strawberries to pick in the next month.

Whole Foods Garden Herbs are Ready to Pick!!

Marjoram and oregano are ready to pick for your favorite dishes. There are scissors nearby that you can use to clip them.

Whole Foods

Incredible Edible Mid -Peninsula joined forces with CATA and Whole Foods Redwood City that has come together into one gorgeous project. There is a beautiful mural painted along the back wall of Jefferson and Adams Street. Whole Foods then wanted a community garden to tie the whole project together. They asked Incredible Edible if we could plant the garden. There …

Two Community Gardens Coming to Redwood City

There will soon be two opportunities to participate in Community Gardens in Redwood City.   The Kainos garden is located at a group home near Red Morton Park. Five young men who are developmentally disabled, yet high-functioning, live there and would like to participate in some of the gardening activities. There will be a combination of individual and co-operative plots …

Who We Are

 Incredible Edible MId-Peninsula is group of San Mateo County CA residents who were inspired by the Todmorten UK sustainable community gardens and how they invigorate a community on many levels from front yard veggie plots to shareable edible community gardens and orchards in public and commercial spaces. We wanted our communities to be part of this movement.   In California …

A New Fruit Orchard in Redwood City by Roosevelt School

About a year ago Incredible Edible began an inventory  process of all plots owned by the city of Redwood City. Team members visited each of the plots to determine whether their topography, access to water and  other characteristics that would be suitable for fruit trees, berry bushes or vegetables beds.  A vacant lot adjacent to Roosevelt School at the corner of …

2014-2015 Farm Hill Garden

October 2015. This is year two of our private partnership with some apartment dwellers, their friends, some Incredible Edible core team members and their friends. Built into a steep hillside the team did their best in the first year of the garden and harvested tomatoes, beans, sunflowers, squash, salad greens and more. Flowers were interplanted to keep the bees happy …

Redwood City to host Incredible Edible Co-Founder Mary Clear

We are excited that Mary Clear, co-founder and current chair of the mothership, Incredible Edible Todmorden UK, will be visiting the Bay Area in late April with her husband, Fred. Here you can understand the broad spectrum of the activities she oversees that support the home community. Our intrepid CAD designer Josh Shade will be hosting them at his home …

Our First “official” Planting Party at Red Morton

Cindy Johnson, Tom Cronin, Carol Cross, Ann Morrison, Claire Felong and Dave Hyman representing CityTrees, Incredible Edible Redwood City and the UU Redwood City gathered after planting the first tree. Saturday, January 18 was the first official planting for Incredible Edible Redwood City. Nine bareroot fruit trees including apple, orange, plum, pear, cherry and fig were planted with help from …

January 14, 2014 – Our First Planting!

We are so jazzed to be partners with Redwood City Parks & Recreation and also with CityTrees for our first tree planting at Red Morton Park on January 18, 2014 at 10 am. Mark your calendars and start exercising your abs! We’ll soon be sending out a sign up invite. CityTrees will be providing tools and expertise but we need …